We have a small kennel in the middle of Sweden, in Dalarna.

All our dogs live with us as family members. We engage in shows, freestyle, heelwork and other sports.

In our breeding we focus primaraly on mentality, because even though a dog might be Beautiful it is not a fun life beeing scared of many things. Of course Health is also an important parameter when choosing parents to our puppies. We do the tests needed for the breed.

If you are interested in bying a dog from us consider that ALL dogs neeeds love and affection, daily excercise and some kind of brain activity to be happy dogs. All dogs like different things and you and your puppy can try many things before you find the activity you like the most :-)

We give ourselfs the right to choose the best homes for our puppies and to deny a purchase if it does not feel right.

If you are interested in a puppy Contact us at  anki@spiritofmantras.se

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